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Tarren and Company strives to customize the services you require based on your budget and needs.  We excel in making your event unique to you and to customize a package that is uniquely yours.  


Full wedding package

The full package includes Design and planning, catering, vendor referrals based on your budget and style, establishing a timeline for the upcoming months as well as for the day of the event. We will also  provide advice, etiquette rules and assistance with budget allocation. We help you review your vendor contracts and assist with vendor relationships.  

We assist in designing a personal design board based on the style and décor of your event and provide décor included in our package, if rental items are required we arrange for delivery. We assist with rehearsals and event execution as well as catering 

Partial wedding package

The partial package includes either event planning and design and coordiation, or catering or rental of items. We strive to provide as little or as much as needed by each client and will customize a package based on your needs.  



We have full -service menus to assist with large or small groups, casual or formal events. We have an amazing team who have years of experience in the food service industry as well as a top chef who can customize menus for each client based on budget and taste.  

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